The Full Story

About Faabiie

Faabiie's story started when Our founders were small kids. They both were very fascinated by the small business owners who were providing an extraordinary Product buying experience to there customers. They decided to open there own business after they grow up and complete their studies.

Image in about us page showing snow covered mountains


In 2021, After some tragic events in their life they decided to put their heart and soul into the business and provide a memorable experience right from purchasing the product to unpacking them.


Starting with online jewellery shop of  imitation Jewellery, We will be introducing handmade products portfolio, organic live plants, seeds fertilizer.

It Started with an idea by Two kids and has grown into a reality and this reality is ready to make people's like more Blissful, Happy, Bold, Trendy, Fashionable, Stylish, Easy and simple.

So be a apart of this story and experience the whole new way of shopping with us.

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